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Ecoutez Charlotte Gainsbourg live au Hiro Balroom de New York

Sur WorMee, le vendredi 12 mars est diffusé pour un temps limité l’intimité du concert de Charlotte Gainsbourg du 27 janvier dernier au Hiro Balroom à New York. Pour écouter, c’est par ici

Charlotte Gainsbourg Multi Trick Pony (Planet)

By Jessica Ferri, Planet-Mag.com, January 31, 2010 Charlotte Gainsbourg was nervous. She had never toured before, and no one knew what to expect as she took to the stage last weekend, at what…

Charlotte Gainsbourg @ Hiro Ballroom, New York – Jan 23 2010

Videos Le Chat du Café des Artistes Me And Jane Doe Heaven Can Wait Press Review Charlotte Gainsbourg, Hiro Ballroom, Maritime Hotel, New York, By Emily Stokes, Financial Times, January 27 2010 Charlotte…

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