3 new Charlotte Gainsbourg Releases!

From Pitchfork:

To compliment the album IRM we’ve not got three new releases from Charlotte Gainsbourg:

  • The Time of the Assassins EP includes remixes of the psych-folk album cut from XXXChange, Outlines, Matthew Dear, and Gentlemen Drivers. Stream or download the characteristically fizzy Dear redo above. The EP is out in most of Europe now and due in the UK April 19 and in Germany in May (there’s no U.S. release date yet).
    Time of the Assassins EP tracklisting
    01. Time of the Assassins (LP edit)
    02. Time of the Assassins (XXXChange Remix)
    03. Time of the Assassins (Outlines Remix) << Download >>
    04. Time of the Assassins (Matthew Dear Remix) << Download >>
    05. Time of the Assassins (Gentlemen Drivers Remix)
  • Then there’s the Sunset Sound EP, featuring four IRM tracks recorded live at Hollywood’s famed Sunset Sound studio with Beck. It’s available on Amazon only now.
    Sunset Sound EP
    01. Heaven Can Wait
    02. Greenwich Mean Time
    03. Voyage
    04. In the End
  • And finally, Gainsbourg will release a Record Store Day single featuring « Heaven Can Wait » and « IRM » performed live on KCRW, this Saturday at independent record stores. In celebration of Record Store Day, Gainsbourg will be signing autographs at Amoeba Music’s San Francisco location.
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